Experience Pricing & FAQ

Trial Session

Your business in a way is like your baby. You love and care for it and it's hard to trust that anyone else would do the same. When it comes to your products you can feel nervous having someone take them that you've never had take them before.

This option is a PERFECT first step to making sure that we mesh and that I capture the vision exactly how you are intending the photos to turn out. Let me help you bring your vision to life in this trial session and to help you realize fully what you want and need in your images!


What's Included:

  • Up to 10 products
  • Lifestyle pictures w/ 2 models
  • Flat Lay pictures w/ product
  • 5 Video Clips
  • High-res and Web size in downloadable gallery

$450/one time only

Experiences & Subscriptions

Lifestyle Experience

Your one stop to get everything you need in one easy package


  • Personalized Lifestyle images with models, flat lay, product and/or collaboration
  • High-Resolution and Web size photos
  • Downloadable online gallery
  • 1-2 week turnaround time
  • Access to my database of models
  • Marketing mastermind that will understand your vision and bring it to life

*Samples are given to models as payment*


Up to 10 products & 2-3 models, 30+ images.

$550/month or $650 one time only *

*ADD ON VIDEO 20+ Raw Video clips $200


Up to 20 products & 3-5 models, 75+ images.

$800/month or $950 one time only

*ADD ON VIDEO 30+ Raw Video clips $350


Up to 45 products & up to 10 models,

200+ images.

$1400/month or $1600 one time only

*ADD ON VIDEO 40+ Raw Video clips $450


Flat Lay only

Product Focused

No more taking out your phone and taking your photos yourself. I'll handle your website and social media images. Let me get things spruced up for you and start bringing in those sales!

My flat lays are true to color, bright, happy and inviting. They are styled to your vision and needs. Let me use my creativity to bring you images that bring you joy!

Great for:

  • Social media, email blasts, website
  • Amazon, Etsy or shop cover images



  • Styled flat lay of each product
  • Styled flat lay of like products together (yours &/or collabs)
  • Product photo of each product


$15/product for 20+ products


What is your turn around time?

I pride myself on a fast turnaround time. I work as hard as I can to get the photos back to you as fast as possible! For sessions (Product, Branding, Portraits, and casual), I will send your gallery within two weeks.
For bigger events, I will send your gallery within 4 weeks but it usually is less time than that.

How do you deliver images? Do you sell prints?

When I finish editing your photos, I will email you a link to your personalized online gallery. From there, you can download your high-resolution images and share your gallery with family and friends. Feel free to print your photos anywhere you want, or you can order professional prints through me.

How do I book with you? What are your payment schedules like?

Fill out my contact form and we will get started! First, I love to talk to my clients in person or over the phone so I can answer all of your questions. Once you are ready to book, a retainer fee of 35% is required to reserve your date. We can also create a payment plan to fit your specific needs.

How do I pick a location for my session?

Picking the perfect location is a great way to make sure your shoot turns out exactly the way you want! I have many perfect locations and studios for any type of shoot! Or doing an in-at-home session is always an option as well. I am always scouting out new ones, so I can give you plenty of suggestions based on your style and the time of year.

How many images will I receive?

The number of images will vary with each package, but I include plenty of images of everything I capture. I carefully go through all of the photos taken during a session instead of putting a limit on the number I deliver. You can expect quality and quantity.

Where are you based out of? Do you travel?

I am based in Orem, Utah! I serve all of Northern Utah and Utah Valley.

If you’re not in those areas, don’t worry! I love to travel, or if you're needing products photographed you can mail them my way. Let me know where you are needing me and we can make a plan from there! I do have travel fees, but they can be discounted depending on the location. For example, I have family in Washington, so any travel fees there will be heavily discounted.

How many outfits can I wear during a session?

For Branding sessions, I recommend two outfits. That way you can get a bit of variety, but you don’t lose too much of your session time changing. However, you can wear as many outfits as you would like during the session time!

Do you send out raws?

I actually don't give out RAWS. RAW files take up a lot of space. I don't want to burden the client with gigabytes of unedited photos. And it would be too time-consuming to upload/copy them. RAW, straight- out-of-camera photos look unfinished and bad. My photography is my brand, and it includes everything that I put into making my final images.

The editing process is a big part of creating the final product. It adds to my personal style. This is why I don't want someone else to edit my RAW file, publish it online and credit me. It's not something I would put my name on. Even if you wouldn't post the pictures, there are those that would so it's just the best policy to not give out RAWS to anyone.

Another reason why I do not give RAW files to my clients is that the RAW files are a form of negatives owned by me. Even when a
photograph is being commissioned, the client always pays for the final product such as JPG or TIFF, and not the original image itself.

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