There are moments in life where you think, "this will be a great idea!" And it could be until you're not careful enough and then it doesn't turn out that great... Well this situation was just that.

I was at a senior session and it was going super great! We were about half way done and the pictures were turning out super great! My client and I saw this super pretty bridge with water and moss under it as well as plants overhanging. We knew that we would get some super pretty photos and had the idea to have her stand in the water and then I would be on the shore taking pictures.

You have to go down this little slope to get to the water. My client did great to get down to the water and was super agile with no problems. I started after her and was doing great until... I completely slipped, landed on my butt and almost fell into the water. I didn't hurt myself but, when I stood up, my butt was all wet and there was mud and dirt all on the back of my pants. It definitely made for a good laugh and entertainment for the day.

I may have been dirty and wet for the rest of the session and then my other session right after but, it honestly was kind of something I needed. I say this because sometimes I'm so focused on doing EVERYTHING PERFECT, that I tend to get in my head and stay in my head over a lot of different things. This little mishap helped things to be put back into perspective that we need to just laugh sometimes, especially when we feel overwhelmed and stressed. We need to give ourselves grace and patience as well as not take everything so seriously.

Utah Photographer Senior session